Music For a Mixed Taste:

“If any music-lovers, performers, or scholars still doubt the beauty and richness of Telemann’s music or the importance of his industrious life for the course of music history, let them now read this new study by Steven Zohn, which is extraordinarily well researched, meticulously argued, and original in both content and approach. In one bound, Zohn sets new standards not only for literature in English on Telemann, but also for Telemann scholarship worldwide.” — Michael Talbot, Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Liverpool

“Steven Zohn’s excellent and engaging study should put to rest, once and for all, any view that Telemann was a habitual composer of wallpaper music. Zohn gives us a comprehensive, nuanced, and discerning picture of the Telemann whose music Bach and Handel so greatly admired.” — Michael Marissen, Professor of Music, Swarthmore College, and author of The Social and Religious Designs of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos

“Zohn takes Telemann well beyond Bach’s shadow, revealing not only Telemann’s original voice and uncanny fluency in any number of national styles, but also transforming our basic conceptions about music in eighteenth-century Germany. An invaluable contribution.” — Wendy Heller, Professor of Music, Princeton University

“It is difficult to find fault with Zohn’s eloquent and elegantly written examination of Telemann’s instrumental music.” — Eighteenth-Century Music

“A mature, long-awaited book that is at once advocacy, history (both musical and societal), and detailed examination, categorization, and analysis. . . . [A] splendid book, which is a must for anyone interested in the high baroque.”Choice

“Music for a Mixed Taste can now safely be considered the definitive and standard work in the field thanks to its thoroughness, accuracy and musical judgment supported by meticulous detail. . . . For perceptiveness, clarity, comprehensiveness and persuasiveness, this is a book that sets new standards for scholarship on Telemann.” —

Publick Musick’s Telemann Recording:

“If you’re unaware of just what riches Telemann produced in [the trio] genre, and/or want to hear ensemble playing that’s tight, pleasing, well disciplined and full of expression and liberal delight at the music, then this CD (which contains music otherwise unrecorded elsewhere) should be explored without hesitation. . . . A crystalline and persuasive hour of communicative playing from Centaur that is recommended without reservation.” —

“[The Publick Musick’s] great understanding of performance practice, absolutely unpedantic musicality, and interpretative verve . . . demands admiration. It is a novel, colorfully diverse world that The Publick Musick constructs before the astonished ear of the listener.”Concerto

Fioritura’s Vivaldi Recording:

“The U.S. ensemble Fioritura consistently surmounts balance problems and delivers performances with drive, lyricism, and flair.” —

“The elegance and verve with which these players swing into the final movements of the Telemann and Boismortier works, marked Vivace and Allegro respectively, is a joy to hear. . . . [They] play with style and an infectious sense of joy. May we hear much more from them in the future!” — Atlanta Audio Society

“[Fioritura] plays all of these works with admirable flair. . . . The performances are all quite exciting.”Notes